Join our leagues for fun or competition

We have several league options to improve or maintain your shooting form. Whether joining for the excitement of competition or to just hang out with family & friends doing something you enjoy, we have a league for you!

Come into the store and get signed up as a team, or we can find a spot for you.

Register for any league by contacting Hunt-N-Gear at (608) 743-4327 or

League rules & regulations

Hunt-N-Gear offers a wide variety of fun and competitive archery leagues, both traditional and video. Descriptions, rules, and other information on all of our league offerings can be found below.

All league participants must complete and sign a liability and photo release waiver prior to competing. Click here to download a PDF version of the release.

Be on time in consideration for the team following your time slot!

  1. No field points or broadheads are allowed in the Video Tunnel. If you damage our equipment, you will be responsible for the repairs or replacement, if necessary, to get it back running.
  2. Only good proper fitting field points are allowed on the target range.
  3. If you are using your own blunt points for the video range, make sure they are in good condition.
  4. No “practice” or “extra” shots at the video screen or on range. The video gets confused and will not score properly.
  5. Please do not leave open bow cases lying on the floor. Equipment could be damaged or someone could trip and get hurt. Once you have your equipment ready to shoot, slide your bow case onto a shelf or bow bench.
  6. An adult must accompany archers under 16 years of age.
  7. The fee for the target range is $12 per hour/$6 per half-hour. If you want to “just warm up a couple arrows,” come early and utilize the full 15 minutes as there is a minimum $3.00 charge.
  8. No one is allowed to use the video computer or floor jack.
  9. You must turn in your blunt points to the front counter. Do not pass them onto the next team!
    1. A fee of $5 per missing blunt point will be charged to the last person to whom they were assigned.
    2. League members are not required to turn in their license or photo ID for blunt tips.
  10.  All sessions must be completed by the league’s final date. There will be no exceptions.
    1. Final league results will be available at Hunt-N-Gear, on its website, and on Facebook, soon after the final league date.
    2. The winners’ gift certificates will be available to pick up the same date the results are posted. Certificates expire at the end of the current calendar year. We are unable to honor them past that date, as we close our books.
  11. All team members must be paid in full by the second time you shoot to eliminate the extra time it takes to check everyone in.
  12. All team members must complete and sign our Liability and Photo Release Waiver prior to competing in a league.
  13. Prizes will be awarded according to the number of participants.
  14. Please remember, this is a game. If you experience any “flaws” in the system, please let us know as we are always trying to perfect the computer program within its capabilities.
    1. If you have questions about shot placement, please refer to the diagrams or ask.
  15. If you are unable to finish a league, it is your team’s responsibility to find a replacement.There will be no refunds.
  16. No consumption of alcohol on Hunt-N-Gear, LLC property. No “carry-ins” allowed.
  17. No one may cross the shooting line until everyone has put their bow down.
  18. When scoring the range round, if your arrow touches the line, take the higher score. Any disputes, ask.

Leagues available at Hunt-N-Gear

The following league types are offered at various times throughout the year:

10-Week Video

  • Registration for our Winter 2023 10-Week Video League will open December 1st, 2023. This is will be a 4 person team league.
  • Beginning week of Jan 16th, All sessions must be completed by (TBD). There will be no exceptions.
  • The final league results will be posted in the store, on Facebook as well as on this website.
  • The certificates will be available for pick up the same date the results are posted. Certificates expire by the end of the current year.  We will be unable to honor them past the due date as we close our books.
  • The cost is $12 per person, per session. Total cost for the league per person is $120. Everyone must be paid in full by the second time you shoot to eliminate the extra time it takes to check everyone in.

8-Week Video

  • Next league to be held in Summer 2024

Youth Archery Club – All skill levels Welcome!

Wisconsin Archery Learning Center at Hunt-N-Gear offers two youth archery leagues during the fall, winter, and spring seasons! Each league runs for eight-weeks and is perfect for beginner through intermediate level archers.

Archers will develop strength and accuracy, as well as confidence and consistency. S3DA, USA, and Safe Sport Certified coaches will teach archers proper form, how to score, and play games to keep the practice fun!

Whether you are looking to enjoy the sport in fun and recreation, or looking to further your skills in competition, there are options for archers of all skill levels in our S3DA Club.

  • $100 for a 8 Week League. Club meets for one hour, once a week, for 8 weeks.
  • Available to anyone ages 8 and older.
  • No equipment? No problem! Equipment options provided by Wisconsin Archery Learning Center upon request, email

Junior Olympic Archery Development Team (JOAD)

Our JOAD Team takes Archery to the advanced level! Our USA Certified Coaches take our JOAD Team members beyond basic skills, and develop their archery techniques into becoming advanced and competitive archers.

The JOAD program offers a Scoring and Achievement system for archers, which will allow them to track their personal progress throughout the sport. As they achieve higher scores and advance their skills, they receive pins to mark these achievements. With much practice comes much progress!

JOAD Coaches will help archers enjoy the sport and progress to a higher level of competition by coaching through in the National Training System. This training will allow archers to experience the techniques and processes used by the Olympians and World Famous Archers.

  • Call to schedule a try out session with a coach! 608-743-4327
  • $20 try out fee, Minimum score to join – 200 points, or a verified scorecard from a sanctioned event.
  • Yearly USA Archery Youth Membership required – 12 Months of Archery opportunities!
  • $150 for a 10 Week Session, $120 for an 8 week session (session lengths vary by season). Team practices for one hour, once a week, for 10 weeks
  • Anyone ages 8 – 20 can try out!
  • Ages 8 and up must shoot 20 Yards.
  • Enjoy Team Member Only discounts and benefits through Hunt-N-Gear.
  • Archers must have their own equipment.

Register for any league by contacting Hunt-N-Gear at (608) 743-4327 or