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Rinehart Woodland Javelina 3D Target (Blemished)


You receive these Brand New targets at a nice discount because these targets are factory blemish models, and may contain paint mistakes, hotspots, and other defects. In no way will this effect how this target performs!!

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The Rinehart Woodland Series javelina has a solid, UV-resistant FX Foam body with a solid Signature, Self-Healing Foam replaceable insert, which means it’ll take countless practice sessions to wear this target out. It measures 19-inches tall and 31-inches long, mimicking a 75-pound Javelina. As you would expect from Rinehart, the Javelina target has real-life sculpted features and scoring rings, making it a great practice target or fun 3D range target. Like other Woodland Series targets, the Javelina is compound bow and crossbow compatible, so shoot away!

  • Durable, lifelike and affordable option for archers looking to perfect their shooting skills
  • Real-life sculpted features
  • Solid FX Woodland Foam body
  • Solid Signature Foam replaceable insert
  • Compound and crossbow compatible

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions20 × 5 × 10 in